1.  Who can Join?/Why should I join?/ When should I join?

The majority of our club members started skating by joining the LTS program first, but this is not a requirement.
If your skater has participated in Learn To Skate; OR is ready to take regular weekly private lessons from a coach, it may be time to join the  club.  

If your skater has asked to spend more time on the ice every week, it may be time to join the club.

If your skater enjoys the feeling he/she has on the ice, it may be time to join the club. 

If your skater enjoys ice shows and/or is interested in competitive skating, it may be time to join the club.

If skating is all your child can think about, it is definitely time to join the club! 

Figure skating is a year round sport and the most benefit is gained when a skater skates regularly all year. 

2.  What is the difference between Learn To Skate and Jamestown Skating Club?

Learn To Skate (LTS) is a program offered by the JSC.  It is a means to teach children to skate and to identify those skaters who may want to progress

in the sport and join the Jamestown Skating Club.  All LTS participants are viewed as prospective club members.  Most of the teachers and helpers in LTS

are active members of the club.  Some of the coaches that offer private lessons during LTS, also offer private lessons outside of Learn To Skate on JSC's

club ice.  LTS takes place for 50 minutes once per week during the school year.   JSC has dedicated ice available on several days of the week for 2 to 3 hours

each day, for club members to receive lessons and practice.  JSC is in operation all year.  

3.  What does it cost?

A one year membership is $150 per year.  We do offer a first year  introductory rate of $100 for new members.

The membership year is from July 1st to June 30th.  Every June, you will renew your membership to continue as a member.

In addition, you can join USFS, which is the national organization that governs the sport of figure skating. There is an added fee to join USFS.

This is not a requirement to join Jamestown Skating Club, however, if your skater intends to compete, you will need the USFS membership at that time.

Many skaters join JSC first, then, at a later date, join USFS.
When you skate on club ice, you will pay for your time on the ice and pay your coach directly for any lessons you schedule. 

You pay for time on the ice by purchasing an ice punch card.  Full ice sessions are 50-60 minutes long and cost $10 each if paid for individually. 

A 10-punch card costs $100.  This allows you to skate for 10 full sessions. 

For example, If you skate one session per week , this will last you 10 weeks.  If you skate 5 sessions per week, this will last you 2 weeks. 

You may use your punch cards any way you choose.

Punch cards available

*10 Session  (10 punches for full sessions 50-60 minutes each)

Cost - $100 (best value)
*5 Session  (5 punches for full sessions 50-60 minutes each)

Cost - $60

*15 minute card  (10 punches for 15 minutes each - punches may be used one at a time or grouped)

(2 punches equals 30 minutes, 3 punches equals one full session)

Cost - $40

NOTE - Lesson fees are paid directly to your coach based on their rate.

4.  What are the benefits of joining JSC?

Joining JSC grants you access to the use of all club ice sessions at club rates for lessons and practice time.

It also allows you to participate in other classes when offered, such as: style class,  stroking class,  stretching/ballet class,  off-ice conditioning for skaters.

In addition, skaters build forever friendships and gain camaraderie with other skaters atall skating levels.

Lets not forget all the fun!  JSC members are offered participation in our ice shows, exhibitions, hockey performances, competitions, and special club

activities such as:  picnics, parties, parades, etc.  JSC members also have full access to USFS testing sessions as your skater progresses. 


How do I read the ice schedule calendar?

* FS - freestyle session (this is the time skaters practice and have lessons)

* SS- style and stroking- "group setting" class that emphasizes:  grace, edge work, power, speed, and overall improved appearance on the ice.  All Levels!

* Low - freestyle session dedicated to beginner skaters to have lessons and practice time, until they are comfortable with being on the ice with the more

advanced skaters. (Some beginners can be a little intimidated by the fast moving advanced skaters)

* Ballet/Stretching - "group setting" class that emphasizes flexibility.  All Levels!

* Off-Ice Conditioning -  "group setting" class that emphasizes overall body strength, stamina, and balance.  All Levels!

5.  What are my obligations?

Skaters will be required to pay the yearly membership dues and take part in fundraising activities, or, participate in a fundraising buy-out fee.

Fundraising is an essential part of how we pay for the ice time and special events. 

It is our policy to return fundraising proceeds back to our skaters.

Skater’s families will be asked to volunteer time and talent to the club. There are a wide range of volunteering opportunities available throughout the year.

This might involve helping at the competition, helping sew or sparkle costumes for the show, bring a dish to pass at special events, helping with LTS,

being an ice monitor during scheduled club ice time, etc. 

All levels of skill and talent are needed and very much appreciated.  We are not a large club and we have NO paid positions, so there are lots of opportunities to

find what is right for you. 

The success of JSC is due, in part, to the efforts of our volunteers.



Because we consider all Learn to Skate members potential club members,  JSC's scheduled ice time is open to Learn To Skate (LTS) members, at club prices if you

would like to try out a freestyle session before joining the club.  You must have a scheduled lesson with a JSC coach in order to do a trial. 

LTS instructors are not all approved as JSC Coaches, so you may need to set up a lesson with a different coach then the one you have during LTS, in order to skate on Club ice.  

To do a trial, please first contact our membership chairperson, Kristin Alexander.  Her contact information can be found on our About Us Page.

Let her know that you have been attending LTS and would like to set up a lesson for a trial freestyle session, before joining the club.

She will then help you get in contact with the coach of your choosing. (see our Coaches Corner Page) 

Once you have scheduled a lesson, always be on time and be sure to let them know if you will be unable to attend your lesson. 

You may choose to skate for one or two 15 minute blocks or for an entire session (50-60 minutes).
Beginning and very young skaters often do best starting with 15 or 30 minutes on the ice; 15 minutes in a lesson and maybe another 15 to practice. 

Increase to a full session when your skater has the stamina and focus to skate longer and stay productive.

You will pay for the ice time using either cash (must be exact change), or check payable to JSC ($10 per full session, $5 per 30 minutes, or $2.50 per 1  15-minute increment).

You will pay your coach separately according to their fee.

Skaters - When you arrive at the arena you may get ready to skate.  If you need to rent skates, ask for these at the main arena desk.

When ready, sign-in to the attendance book located at the edge of the ice.  Indicate how long you will be skating.  Your ice fees should be paid to the ice monitor , or, if no monitor is present, give the

money to your coach who will transfer it to the monitor.   You should pay your coach directly for their coaching fee.

Enter the ice at the appropriate time.  Let the coach know that you are there and then practice until your coach is ready for you.

When your lesson is done, continue to practice until  your time is up. (pay attention to the ice schedule calendar for start and stop times of each session).
Be alert and watchful, at all times, of other skaters.  Advanced skaters can move very fast.  They will watch out for you but you must also watch out for them.

If you fall, get up quickly.  (see more on our safety/ice etiquette info sheet)

If you wear a helmet for LTS, you must also wear one on club ice until the coach, and parent together, agree it is not needed. 

We ask that parents of young and/or inexperienced skaters remain at the arena while their child skates.

If you have any questions, or, are looking for more information, please feel free to contact our Board Of Directors (found on the About Us page).  

Feel free to send us an email at:


Interested In Becoming a Member of JSC?